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Eating vegan Dodger dogs wasn’t just a dream I had

So, I got to see a Dodger vs. Angels game this summer at the Dodger’s Stadium with my work homies, and even though I had no clue what was happening the entire game (I’m more of an air hockey fan), I sure was excited about my vegan Dodger dog.  Even though it was a lil’ pricey and the condiment booth looked liked it had been ransacked and tainted by dirty, grubby hands, I was still stoked beyond belief.

I’m not gonna hype up how amazing the dog was ’cause it was a standard vegan hot dog but my excitement was totally based on the fact that I could eat the darned thing. I happened to be starving when I arrived at Dodger Stadium so it made the vegan dog that much more desirable. I scarffed that baby down good, all in a matter if 13.625 seconds. I would have bought 3 more but I didn’t want to break the bank – I’ve got babies to feed and bills to pay… and I believe they only take cash (or else I would have offered up my hair extensions).


I decided to post an up-close photo of the hot dog so you can admire the dicey-ness of the onions. It brought tears to my eyes thinking about all of the hard labor that went into my toppings.


The reason I posted the photo of me holding the dog is not porn related at all. Not only was I having a good hair day but I wanted to juxtapose my healthy, vegan complexion with that red-faced, meat eating stranger’s to my right (your left) . On that note, Go Vegan!

Adorn yourself with roses and cupcakes!

I’ve been making jewelry since I was a wee lass and I figured I might as well blog about my crafty goodies from time to time and spread the word. My jewelry is vegan and handcrafted (with 110% love – and then some). Also, a portion of the proceeds from my jewelry goes toward a variety of local, LA-based animal rescues.
For those of you who don’t already know, cupcakes are my favorite fruit. I’m beyond obsessed with anything cupcake, but most particularly the edible kind. Seeing my baking skills are sub par, I’ve decided to bake cupcakes in a completely different way. I bake inedible polymer clay cupcakes. They sure are pretty to look at (if I don’t say so myself). I also make rose jewelry and beaded, faery-inspired pieces as well. In fact, the name of my jewelry line is Faery Inspired Jewelry.

…but today I want to focus on my cupcakes and roses.

I make tasty-looking cupcake earrings and necklaces ($15 each plus s&h), and I can make any flavor your heart desires. Red velvet? Vanilla with chocolate chips? Strawberry with sprinkles? You got it!
These inedible cupcakes make great gifts and when you wear them, you’re bound to get lots of comments. All of my jewelry is packaged in girly, organza gift baggies, so they are ready to be gifted at any time (even if you’re gifting them to yourself).

Everyone knows accessories make an outfit. And flaunting vegan, handmade accessories is gonna make you a cutie pie with mad style. If you’re a girly girl like myself, then you’re gonna love my rose collection. My feminine, hand crafted roses have been delicately made, petal by petal. You can order any color rose you’d like. I make rose earrings ($15), necklaces ($20), rings ($15), magnets and broaches ($15 each). If you order a rose pendant, it will come with a velvet cord necklace (or you can just order the pendent by itself).

Cupcake earrings giveaway!!!
All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. I will use to pick a winner. The earrings to be given away will be picked by me. I guarantee they will be cute as hell.  Contest ends August 31st. Good luck!

For more info: Faery Inspired Jewelry
If you’d like to purchase some jewelry, please send me an e-mail.

Your luscious locks can help save the rainforest!

Did you know that saving the rainforest can be as easy as washing your hair? Save Your World is a vegan skin & hair care company that is partnered up with Conservation International and the Government of Guyana Forestry Commission, so for every product you purchase, you help save 1 acre of rainforest for a year. Save Your World offers a variety of body care and hair care products to choose from that are handcrafted, fair trade, vegan, organic, paraben-free and packaged in recyclable containers.

Ever since back in the day, when I read in a beauty magazine that it’s always good to keep switching up your hair care products (because your shampoo and conditioner can become less effective once your hair gets too used to them), that’s what I’ve done. If you color your hair as often as I do, then you’ll want to check these out:

Color-Safe Rainforest Shampoo ($12.98): This shampoo is not only safe on colored hair but it’s also cruelty-free and doesn’t contain parabens or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – just organic ingredients like yerba mate (which contains over 24 vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids). This shampoo is packed with UV protection and has an earthy scent of rainforest and wood-berry. It’s a light formula that won’t weigh down your hair which is especially great for peeps like me with fine hair.

Color-Safe Rainforest Conditioner ($14.98): This conditioner perfectly complements the shampoo. It’s super light and it helps prevent tangles. So, it’s a win-win. You help save the rainforest and in exchange you have these fabulous shampoos and conditioners that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that smell wonderful. By the way, these hair care products are also available in Oasis Fruit scent, Regal Blossom and Pure Mist. By purchasing the shampoo and conditioner together, you’ll be saving 2 acres of rainforest!

FYI, Save Your World is having a huge sale on shampoos and conditioners (excluding the color safe line) starting from $3.49-6.99 (from their original prices). That’s an awesome deal!

For more info: Save Your World